Local Nashville attractions you can’t miss

If you’ve been to Nashville, you’ve probably visited the Parthenon or a honkey-tonk bar, but you haven’t seen all that Nashville has to offer! Make sure you get to visit some of our faculty and student’s favorite Nashville locals.

What is your single favorite, but unique, attraction here and why?

The Warner parks, because they are great for calming walks.
-Rose Follis

Percy Warner Park/ Cheekwood Botanical Gardens (same area of town). The gardens are beautiful and the park is huge and great for exercise.
-Gabrielle Rushing

I like that Nashville is not that far away from some really interesting state and national parks. I love camping and canoeing, so I’m excited to explore some of the multiple parks that are only an hour from Nashville. You can definitely afford a day trip to a peaceful scenic park even though you’re a busy grad student. Additionally, Nashville is only about 3.5 hours from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.
-Cara Schornak

Going to the Predators and Sounds games is pretty affordable and always a lot of fun!
-Christian Marks

Radnor Lake- it is so close to the city but so peaceful and beautiful- and good for a quick hike
-Monika Murphy

I really like the drive-in movie theater in Watertown (about 45 minutes outside Nashville). It brings back childhood memories and its 2 movies for $7 a person!
-Lisa Poole

12 South neighborhood and Sevier park. I like the area because they have nice shops and restaurants and it’s just pleasant to walk around on a nice day. Sevier park is also very pretty and you can buy a popsicle to eat as you walk through it.
-Teddy van Opstal

The Hermitage Cafe – classic 1960s pricing on 24/7/late night diner food. A classic dive/hole in the wall, and well worth every trip.
-Wyatt McDonnell

The Ryman. It’s a beautiful historic building, and the concerts held there are incredible.
-Claire Strothman

Franklin Theatre it’s a great place for music and movies
-Dr. Bill Valentine

Acme Feed and Seed. Can often catch really good music, inexpensive and good food in a historically interesting building.
-Dr. Todd Graham

Bicentennial Mall and Farmer’s Market because of the great historical aspects, the beautiful view of the capitol, and the great food!
-Dr. Maureen Gannon

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