This is my favorite thing about Nashville

There are countless things to do in Nashville, but everyone has their own unique interest. Learn about our faculty and student’s favorite thing about Nashville!

What is your favorite thing about living in Nashville and why?

The greenery and parks outside of the city – it’s beautiful. Also, I love playing golf!
-Corey Hayford

There is always something to do on the weekends. Examples: Hockey games, brunches at local restaurants, farmer’s markets, craft fairs, beer festivals, craft breweries.
-Gabrielle Rushing

My favorite thing about living in Nashville is the food! Nashville has delicious barbecue, Southern food, and a huge farmers’ market in Germantown that has the best produce!
-Jacob Ruden

Nashville has a lot of energy as a city! It seems like there’s always some kind of concert, festival, or free event going on. Also, Nashville may be an urban area, but it still feels casual and welcoming. The biggest surprise I had after moving here was discovering that there’s a fantastic ballroom dance studio only about 10 minutes from the campus area. I’m just getting started with ballroom, but I’m really looking forward to engaging more with the ballroom community here.
-Cara Schornak

I rock climb. I love that we are pretty close to some amazing rock features. The ability to get out into nature is something that has kept me really happy in Nashville. If you aren’t into climbing there are also a lot of beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls around the area.
-Christian Marks

I like the festivals in Centennial park because it’s walkable for me and they’re very well organized. I also like going to the small concerts Nashville puts on in their parks (i.e. jazz at the Cumberland, musicians corner, etc). These venues are small, but very nice to go to and unwind on the weekend.
-Teddy van Opstal

There’s so much music, everywhere! It’s cheap, diverse (really something for everyone), and you can see a different group every night.
-Wyatt McDonnell

I love to stay active with outdoor activities such as hiking and running. For such a big city, you really don’t have to venture too far away to find some really nice trails and scenery.
-Jessica Tumolo

Music, greenways, and Natchez trace for cycling. Outdoor activity in general because of the weather
-Dr. Bill Valentine

Great symphony orchestra here in Nashville
-Dr. Tim Cover

Greenways, blueways (kayaking) and hiking trails in Warner parks. Nice public golf courses.
-Dr. Todd Graham

FOOD! I am a big foodie and I love that Chefs like Jonathan Waxman have restaurants here. Yummy! MUSIC, of course! And not just country. I hate country but love the music scene here.   Great Trails for runners. I do that too!
-Dr. Maria Hadjifrangiskou

Anything artsy…dance, music, live theater, the Frist
-Dr. Maureen Gannon

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