How to find grad school housing

We provide two different resources for incoming students to find housing. The first is our “off campus referral service”, which includes a roommate search tool  and the second is a Google map with where current students live. We hope that students find this helpful but our students use many resources! Read below to find what was most helpful.

What resources did you use to find your grad school housing?

The potential roommate listing. Craigslist. Nashville guides for neighborhood descriptions.
-Rose Follis

I used websites, such as and Zillow to find apartments/houses that were in the desired area and price range.
-Andy Perreault

I moved into a sublet for 2 months (that I found on Craigslist) so that I could figure out the city and decide on where I wanted to live. This was a great decision!
-Leslie Roteta

I flew out to Nashville in early June to look for housing. We used Zillow, HotPads and Craigslist.
-Erin Breland

I purchased a condo… a real estate agent
-Sierra Palumbos

I met two girls on my interview weekend that I ended up rooming with. We came here for a weekend and found a place.
-Christian Marks

I visited in May before starting the program and drove around nearby neighborhoods for most of the weekend. It was surprising how many apartments were just advertised through a sign in the front yard.
-Teddy van Opstal

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