You’ve got this! Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you’re not “good enough” to follow the path you’ve set out on? You’re not alone! Today, we have a guest post from Dr. Maureen Gannon, Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt. Dr. Gannon writes about a common experience for young and experienced successful scientists alike, “Imposter Syndrome”. Read on to learn more about this often-felt but rarely-discussed impression and how to have the confidence to succeed through it.
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Nature’s advice on finding a Grad program

I just ran across another great article for those looking into STEM Grad programs. If you haven’t gotten enough advice about how to find the best grad program, read Nature’s take on it. The take home in their words: “Choices for doctoral programmes can seem endless, so look for one that matches your interests and personality”. I agree completely! However, while it is easy to see how a program’s different research areas match your interests online, discovering “personality” is nearly impossible online. My suggestion is first to read this article, then check out to get to know the personality of different grad programs well.