Need more inspiration through your PhD?

You may have seen my previous post on careers after the PhD. If not, check it out! Today, I have an update with brand new videos to inspire you on your journey through your PhD. Enjoy catching up with our Office of Career Development and Vanderbilt Alumni!
-by Kate Stuart

One great benefit for biomedical sciences PhD students here at Vanderbilt is the BRET Office of Career Development, an office devoted to helping you find the right career… whatever it may be! Academic research, science policy and advocacy, nonprofit management, college teaching, biotechnology or pharma, healthcare data analytics, medical communications? We’ve got you covered with programming and experiential learning opportunities. Our team is ready for you!

What helps make our program so successful is our willing and supportive alumni base. Not only do they serve as event speakers, internship hosts, and module teachers, but we interview many of them for our expansive YouTube series called Beyond the Lab. In the series, we interview our alumni asking them about their current position, how they got there, what they learned from their Vanderbilt experience, and to share their words of wisdom with current trainees. All videos are under 15 minutes, professionally edited, and available on YouTube. Currently there are over 60 videos available (and the number continues to grow!) highlighting alumni representing diverse backgrounds, different professional roles, and a multitude of career pathways. One thing that resonates in each one? The interviewee is so proud of their time at Vanderbilt.

This website contains all of the videos, but each can be easily searched by typing in “Vanderbilt Beyond the Lab” in the YouTube search engine.

Some of our favorite videos?

Listen to Gunnar Kwakye talk about his academic job search and what he appreciated about his time at Vanderbilt.

Hear about Kristen Herring’s time in the Secret Service as well as her fascinating role in biomedical countermeasures with the federal government.

Tune in to Erin Henry as she discusses how she landed a Medical Scientist Liaison role with Genentech.

Agree? Disagree? We'd love to hear your discussion!

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