Travel to a course in grad school

One of the absolutely best (and most fun) things that I did in graduate school was to take a course at Cold Spring Harbor. I encourage every student to consider doing this to learn more about your field or to learn a unique skill. I asked one of our students to give you her tips after she also went to a course and she did a better job than I could of outlining these opportunities. You should follow her path!
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Why study that, Jim Cassat?

One of the reasons I created this part of my blog was to dispel myths that I held: 1) scientists could learn a formula for approaching their projects and similarly, 2) there is a formula that scientists must follow to become a research faculty member. Neither one of these is true. Instead, scientists are good thinkers, and research faculty are hired because they have demonstrated this ability. There is no formula in science and in fact, if your science is formulaic, then you’re doing it wrong. Dr. Jim Cassat, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics demonstrates both of these points beautifully in his story.
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