Hello PhD Podcast

Whether you’re an avid podcast listener like me or not, readers of my blog will hugely benefit from one of my favorite podcasts, Hello PhD! Read more for advice on specific episodes for applying candidates.

This podcast was started by a close colleague of mine, Dr. Josh Hall, and his graduate schoolmate, Dr. Daniel Arneman. Branded “a podcast for scientists and the people who love them”, I often think of this podcast as an audio version of my blog, meant to provide advice and support for young scientists entering the world of biomedical research. This is especially true recently as they have just published a series of podcasts relevant for individuals applying to graduate school. Check out these episodes to hear all about how to stand out in your application, interview, and how to navigate the tough choice of where to attend. You might see a familiar name as a guest on a few of the episodes (yes, I had the honor of being interviewed!). Enjoy these episodes if you are navigating the admission process, or subscribe as a listener no matter what stage you are in for your training!

Agree? Disagree? We'd love to hear your discussion!

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