Succeeding in a Virtual Interview

As most, if not all, Biomedical graduate programs move toward holding virtual interviews for the Fall 2021 recruiting season, our faculty and students wanted to share their tips with you! For our 2020 interview season, we had to hold our last two IGP interviews remotely, so we have incoming students and faculty who have already been through the virtual recruiting process. Let their experience help you have a successful virtual interview season!
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Applying to MD-PhD programs??

Today, we have a guest blog from Dr. Megan Williams, the Assistant Director of the Vanderbilt Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), our MD-PhD program. Dr. Williams directs the admission of our MSTP candidates. We both thought it would be very helpful to hear about the differences in admission between Biomedical PhD programs and MSTP programs.

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The Clinical Neuroscience Scholars Program at Vanderbilt

Today, we have a guest blog entry from a current Neuroscience Graduate student who came through the IGP program, Gabrielle Rushing. Here, she writes about a program that she participates in that links our Neuroscience Graduate students with patients and medical training relevant to their research project. Hear from participating students about how this program has impacted their research in a major way!

The big take away?: No matter what you are looking for in a graduate program, make sure there are opportunities there for you to become fully invested in your research!
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